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Fee Arrangements . . .
For general litigation matters and domestic relations matters (including divorce, support or custody modifications, contempt actions, or the like), Mr. Coe's current hourly rate is $400 and he requires a retainer, the amount of which may vary depending upon the type of case and the anticipated scope of the work. Mr. Coe's standard retainer for contested divorce or other domestic relations cases is typically $7,500.

The retainer is deposited in a trust account and remains the property of the client until it is earned. Mr. Coe generally bills on a monthly basis and will draw down against the retainer account for the time expended. Any amounts remaining in the retainer account at the conclusion of the matter will be refunded to the client. Conversely, if the retainer account is exhausted, the client will be expected to either replenish it or pay each monthly bill as and when rendered.

Retainer deposits must be in the form of check or cash. For current fee payments Mr. Coe accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover cards, subject to a 2.5 percent convenience fee.

Personal injury and wrongful death cases may be accepted on a contingent fee basis, meaning that Mr. Coe's fee will be a percentage (generally one-third, although the percentage may vary depending on the case) of the amounts actually recovered. This arrangement only applies to the attorney's fees, however, and the client will still be billed for out-of-pocket expenses (filing fees, investigators, court reporter fees, expert witnesses and other similar expenses) as and when they are incurred. The client is responsible for paying or reimbursing such out-of-pocket expenses regardless of the outcome of the case.

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