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Divorce/Family Law Inquiry Form

In order to contact Mr. Coe regarding divorce or other family law issues (custody disputes, contempt actions, actions to modify child support, alimony or visitation, paternity actions, legitimation) in or related to Georgia, you may submit the following inquiry form. We will preserve the confidentiality of any information you provide to the full extent provided by the Georgia Code of Professional Responsibility. Form submissions are relayed to us through a third-party form response processing provider with a strict privacy policy. As you may know, however, no unencrypted internet communication is totally guaranteed to be secure. If you prefer, you may contact us by mail, fax or telephone, as indicated above.


If. after reviewing the information you submit, Mr. Coe feels he may be able to help, you will be contacted regarding the scheduling of an initial office consultation. Mr. Coe does charge for such consultations, generally at the rate of $300 per hour. If Mr. Coe does ultimately accept your case, you will need to arrange to make a retainer deposit to apply toward future work on your case and enter into a written Retainer Agreement. For more details regarding these matters, click on "Fees" in the menu bar above.

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Is There Any Past Or Threatened Family Violence?

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What Property Issues Are Involved?

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