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Sixth Judicial District

Evaluation Survey

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6th Judicial District

ADR Program

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Please take a moment to fill out this survey on the quality of our program and the service you received at your recent mediation session. The 6th District ADR Program welcomes your feedback and your answers will be kept confidential. Please use your mouse or the tab key to navigate among the data fields. (Mediation date and mediator are required entries). When youíre done simply hit the SEND button. Thank you for your participation.

General Case Information

Date of Mediation:

Name of Mediator:

Case Category: Domestic General/Civil

Please identify your role in the mediation.



       Attorney for Plaintiff/Petitioner

       Attorney for Respondent/Defendant




What was the outcome of the mediation?

       Full Agreement

       Partial Agreement

       Temporary Agreement

       No Agreement






If all of the issues in the mediation were not resolved, why do you believe a settlement was not reached? Check all that apply

       Parties reasonably disagreed over issues

       Factual issues in case

       Unresolved legal issues

       Unreasonable party/person

       Ineffective mediator

       Missing information

       Missing party/person

       Imbalance of power


Program Efficiency & Effectiveness (Please do not check more than one answer for each question)

Based on the information or materials provided to you prior to mediation, how prepared did you feel for mediation?

       Very prepared

       Somewhat prepared

       Somewhat unprepared

       Very unprepared

Compared to other likely means of resolving this matter, how did mediation affect the cost of this case?

       Mediation cost more

       No change in cost

       Mediation cost less

       Donít know


Compared to other likely means of resolving this matter, how did mediation affect the time spent addressing this matter?

       Mediation increased the time spent

       No change in time spent

       Mediation shortened the time spent

       Donít know


Even if full settlement was not reached, how productive or unproductive was mediation for this matter?

       Very productive

       Somewhat productive

       Somewhat unproductive

       Very unproductive

Mediation Process (Please do not check more than one answer for each question)

To what extent were you allowed to participate in the mediation session?

       Had full opportunity

       Had some opportunity

       Had no opportunity

If you reached an agreement, do you feel that you had an appropriate level of input in determining the content and terms of your agreement?

       Very much so


       Not at all


How well did the mediator explain the mediation process so that you knew what to expect?

       Very well

       Somewhat well

       Not well at all

Would you consider using mediation again?

       Definitely yes

       Definitely no

       Donít know

Mediator Performance (Please do not check more than one answer for each question)

How would you rate the overall performance of the mediator?




       Needs improvement


       Donít know

How well did the mediator understand your issues and concerns?

       Understood fully

       Understood partially

       Did not understand at all


How skilled was the mediator in helping the parties generate and consider options for resolving the dispute?

       Very skilled

       Somewhat skilled

       Not at all skilled


Was the mediatorís tone professional and impartial, demonstrating respect for all parties?

       Very much so


       Not at all


Did the mediator exhibit comfort with the mediation process and the type of dispute being mediated?

       Very much so


       Not at all


Did you feel pressured by the mediator to reach an agreement?

       Very much so


       Not at all

ADR Office Program Staff (Please do not check more than one answer)

How would you rate your overall satisfaction with the staff of the ADR Office?




       Needs Improvement


       Donít Know

Please share additional comments

Thank you for your participation! We rely on your feedback to help us improve our services.