It was good seeing you last week!  Hope everything went well with your arbitration! 


I am attaching a copy of the updated rules revised to reflect the rate change.  I am also attaching some updated forms for the website.  After talking with some pro se litigants, I think that maybe the forms need to be organized into groups.  Below is an idea of how that might be done, but your input would be greatly appreciated.  The items underlined are actual forms.


Domestic Relations (divorce, contempt, modification, legitimation, separate maintenance, etc.)

Information on how to file a Domestic Relations Case with the ADR Office

Sixth District ADR Checklist

Petitioner’s Guide to Mediation

Respondent’ Guide to Mediation

Abbreviated Outline of Procedures for Domestic Relations Case Filings

              Forms required for filing a Domestic Relations Case with the ADR Office

                            Mediation Initiation Form (MIF)

                            Domestic Relations Screening Form

Assistance with cost of the mediation session

Request for Fee Waiver or Fee Reduction

              Preparation for Mediation Session

              How do I Prepare for Mediation in a Domestic Relations Case?

                            Financial Affidavit (sworn affidavit may be required at the mediation session depending on the issues)

              Directions to the ADR Office (Griffin Office)


General Civil (personal injury, construction/contract, malpractice, etc.)

              Superior Court

                            Information on how to file a General Civil Case with the ADR Office

                                         Instructions and Explanations Regarding the ADR Process in Superior Court


              Henry County State Court

                            Information on how to file a General Civil Case with the ADR Office

                                         Henry County State Court Information on Mediation


              Form(s) required for filing a Superior/State/Probate Case with the ADR Office

                            ADR Initiation Form



If I have not attached a form, then there are no changes.  There are also no changes to the mediator’s forms, so they will remain the same.  Let me know if this is too much trouble for you – I feel so bad sending you all of this knowing that you have your plate is full already.  Again, I would appreciate your thoughts as to how to make the forms more assessable to pro se parties!  Thanks!


Tracy B. Johnson, Director

Sixth District ADR Program

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Griffin, GA  30223


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